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Eurovent Commission

Leadership Group

Eurovent Commission

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Welcome to the Eurovent Commission. Below you may find an overview of the group’s past and upcoming meetings, legislative updates, and other news. Membership to this group is limited to Eurovent Commission Members, who automatically receive access after being appointed.

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Eurovent’s Member Associations are represented in the Eurovent Commission, which is Eurovent’s steering committee. The Eurovent Commission does not only define the general political guidelines of the association, but also monitors and mediates the activities of its subordinated Product Groups. It also serves as a forum for exchange of information and cooperation between the Member Associations. The Eurovent Commission ensures that Eurovent positions are always broadly representative of wider European interests across all sizes of enterprises. The Eurovent Commission elects a chairperson for a three-year term and appoints a Vice-Chairperson for a one-year term according to a rotating schedule. Both are automatically members of the Eurovent Board.
Lennart Ostergaard (VELTEK Ventilation, Denmark)
Marta San Roman (AFEC, Spain)
Stijn Renneboog


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